Ruby no Awa 2022

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Ashikaga, Tochigi

Grapes: Shokoshi (from Yamagata and Tochigi)
Type: Sparkling (red)
Style: Dry, medium-bodied
Colour: Medium Ruby
Alcohol: 12.5%
Wild yeast: Yes
Any added sulphites: No
Filtered: No
Serving temperature: 5-8°C
Production: 1,289 bottles
Please store in a cool, dark place.

Chill the bottle thoroughly in an upright position before opening. May spill at high temperatures.

Tasting notes
Complex aromas of red fruits such as acerola and plum, liquorice, ink and dried flower. Vibrant carbonation on the palate with refreshing acidity and sweetness of fruit. Some gentle bitterness in the aftertaste. 

Food pairing
Onion and carrot marinated with cumin sauce, chicken liver cooked in sweet and spicy sauce, mackerel sandwich, vegetable fritto, charcoal-grilled shiitake mushroom, Oden, Kakiage Tempura, Okonomiyaki, Sichuan-style mapo tofu, seafood pasta, Tandoori chicken.

Coco Farm & Winery has been vinifying a nouveau called 'Nobokko' from Shokoshi, a red wine grape indigenous to Japan, since around 2004. In 2017, the 'Ruby no Awa' (Awa means ‘bubble’ in Japanese) was created with a focus on the acidity of the grape. This is because firm, rich acidity is essential for a good sparkling wine.

For the 2022 vintage, free-run juice from Yamagata-grown grapes and grapes from their own vineyard was fermented in tanks for approximately two weeks in order to bring out the more delicate and clearer fruit flavours. After fermentation, the wine was racked a few times to bring out the clearer fruit flavours. The wine was fermented and matured in the bottle for about eight months until the delicate red fruit flavours and the freshness of sparkling wine were in balance, and then Remuage was done by the students of Kokoromi Gakuen (a part of COCO FARM & WINERY), who manually turn the bottles every morning and evening at 45 degrees. The bottle mouth was then frozen and degorged to remove the lees. The freshness of a sparkling wine and the rich fruitiness of a red wine. They want to convey the stylish appeal of Italian Lambrusco and other chilled red sparkling wines made around the world. It has no added sulphites and should be drunk well chilled.