What is GUBI GUBI?

gubi gubi [adverb] 
The state of drinking sake, wine, etc., with a gulping sound in the throat.

“Gubi gubi” is an onomatopoeic word, a type of expression used by the Japanese to describe the sound of a drink going down your throat. When we as Japanese think of "gubi gubi", we recall the scene of drinking happily and vigorously with family, friends, and those close to us. We like throwing house parties where anyone could enjoy eating tasty food and drinking wine with not only us but others. The reason why our store is named “GUBI GUBI” is to create a place where we can share such an experience with you.

In the logo, the wine glass is used as the icon and the glass itself is decorated with a face to express the image of enjoying talking through wine. The typeface used for GUBI GUBI is Glodok, a playful typeface with a retro feel but with a modern twist. Red, the colour of red wine and the colour of the Japanese flag, is used as the brand colour. The brand wishes that Japanese wine will create a good time in the Netherlands.

Chihiro & Nori

Hello! We are the team GUBI GUBI!

We have been living in the Netherlands since 2015. Life in Amsterdam is very satisfying for us. It has diversity, there are people from almost all over the world and an atmosphere where it doesn't matter who you are or what you do.

We thought that we wanted to live here for longer periods. In such a situation, we kept thinking "we want to communicate more with people in this country” Then the idea of having our own store came to us.

Photo by Hotel âme

What kind of store would be best? When we thought about it, we realised that since we love wine and winemaking is becoming more and more popular in Japan every year, a Japanese wine store would be a place where we could continue our passion for wine forever. We also wanted to support Japanese wine producers who grow grapes in harsh climates and environments, including varieties that are not available in Europe and help them expand their business overseas.

In the Netherlands, there are more and more opportunities to experience Japanese food culture. We hope you will enjoy the marriage of Japanese food and Japanese natural wines and find out the charm of Japanese wines.