Petit Karindo Blanc 2022

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Kitani Wine
Kashiba, Nara

Grapes: Delaware (from Osaka)
Type: White
Style: Dry, light-bodied
Colour: Pale gold
Alcohol: 10%
Wild yeast: Yes
Any added sulphites: No
Filtered: No
Serving temperature: 5-11°C
Production: 785 bottles
Please store in a cool, dark place.

Tasting notes
The aromas of lemon, yoghurt, Japanese ginger, lemongrass, Ramune soda drink, iodine scent, pear, honey and green grass. Good acidity that goes well with the citrus flavours. There is also a hint of refreshing bitterness reminiscent of lemon zest. Recommend to serve well chilled and drink it slowly as the temperature rises.

Food pairing
Sushi, Okonomiyaki, Grilled mackerel sushi, Chicken dishes, assorted cheeses, white asparagus, sauteed white fish, appetiser with fruit

This wine is made from Delaware grown in Kashiwara City, Osaka, by Mr. Onishi, who trained at Katashimo Winery at the same time as the winemaker of Kitani Wine, Kazuto Kitani. Although it is hot in Osaka during the growing season, the vineyard is located in the mountains at a slightly higher altitude, so the acidity is preserved and the wine is well-balanced. The grapes were harvested in mid-August and rested in a fridge at 2°C. The grapes were then destemmed and crushed and slowly pressed in a pneumatic press for about 8 hours. The fragments of cells from the grape skins and the pulp were removed and fermented spontaneously in 700-litre stainless steel tanks, slowly fermenting in a room at a low temperature of around 12°C for around six months. After fermentation was complete, gravity allowed the lees to settle and the wine was racked. The wine was then bottled unfiltered.

Born in 1989, Kazuto was the youngest person in Japan to launch the winery in 2022, and is truly representative of the next generation of vignerons. The winery is also the first winery in Nara. In Nara, characterised by its gently sloping land with many rice fields, he searched for soil suitable for viticulture and is currently growing 20 varieties on a one-hectare vineyard. He is working hard to pursue the terroir of his home town, Nara. He is a young vigneron who is attracting attention in Japan.