GUBI GUBI tote bag

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Colour: Ecru
Size: 38 x 42 cm
Material: Canvas (100% Cotton)

GUBI GUBI is an onomatopoeic term, a type of expression used by the Japanese to describe the sound of a drink going down your throat. When we, Japanese, think of "gubi gubi", we think of drinking with friends or people close to us, drinking happily.

In the logo, the wine glass is used as the icon and the glass itself is decorated with a face to express the image of enjoying talking through wine. The typeface used for GUBI GUBI is Glodok, a playful typeface with a retro feel but with a modern twist. Red, the colour of red wine and the colour of the Japanese flag, is used as the brand colour. The brand wishes that Japanese wine will create a good time in the Netherlands.