Cuvée Papilles Osaka White 2020

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Shimanouchi Fujimaru Winery
Chuo-ku, Osaka

Grapes: Delaware
Type: White
Style: Dry, medium-bodied
Colour: Medium gold
Alcohol: 13%
Wild yeast: Yes
Any added sulphites: 30 ppm
Filtered: No
Serving temperature: 10-13°C
Production: 1,554 bottles
Please store in a cool, dark place.

Tasting notes
Gentle aroma of pineapple, peach, citrus fruits and a nuance of lactic. Also hints of green bell pepper and gunflint which give the wine funkiness. Crisp and dry. Citrus fruits, lemon and lime on the mouth, with a long aftertaste of grapefruit. Shake the bottle gently to mix the lees before serving.

Food pairing
Grilled seafood, Aburi-shimesaba (roasted vinegared mackerel), Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki

Made from Delaware grapes grown in their own vineyards in Kashiwara, Osaka, a grape-growing region with a history of more than 100 years. The grapes withstood the long rains in July 2020 and ripened quickly in the sunshine of the sunny August, growing into powerful grapes with a high sugar and acid content. The grapes were gently pressed, spontaneously fermented and stored in stainless steel tanks for 11 months, and then blended with approximately 8% of orange wine, which was also made from the grapes fermented with wild yeast and stored for 11 months. The result is a richer wine with a gentle, unique Delaware aroma from the skin. The label expresses the image of the best liquid soaking into the body with the weightless feeling of being on a swing. The light pouring down from the sun and the floating orbs express the fresh fruity taste. The fountain of wine beneath the body and the rich nature that surrounds it expresses the charm of this wine, which is deep but also light.